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10 Digital Marketing tools for all your business needs

It’s a challenging thing to Draft and Manage a marketing plan for your new business. Even if you are looking to get into the digital world to grow your business further, which already has got a good offline presence, it could be tricky to do it all at once. The world of digital is a behemoth of things to take care of. It may seem a little easy on the surface but it could get complicated as you march towards execution. 

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So, Why Do You Need Digital Marketing tools?

It may seem quite far-fetched to say, but without Digital marketing tools it’s virtually impossible for companies to grow their online presence. And the reason for this wholly lies in how the digital landscape has grown more crazy complex in the past decade. 

Whether it’s Managing customers or Delivering a post on time that your customers are looking forward to, there are tools that help you to automate, track and more than that help you to choose what’s working and what’s not. 

For such reasons, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of – the ten best (according to us, as an agency) – Digital marketing tools to help you navigate better, automate complex processes and grow your business with your plan. These tools require no prior training or whatsoever, so if you’re a fresh newbie aiming to make things better for your business, stack up these powerful tools right now!

Google Analytics

For everything tracking, Google Analytics is the best choice out there, there’s no doubt about that. It gives you the authority to manage and track your website’s key metrics and helps you to customise based on your findings.

You can monitor the site’s traffic, keep a track of your marketing efforts, keep in the loop with the trends, and update stuff on your site based on your customer’s preferences. 

More importantly, Google Analytics helps you to learn how your customers behave and do actions on your website. Let’s say if a customer is not so clear about your call to action, you can find those simple things that matter a lot with this ambitious tool. 

Google Ads

From choosing the right keywords to running effective ads that improve conversion rates, Google’s Ads platform allows you to dive deeper into the Search Engine Marketing World. The flexibility of this platform is helpful for people who are in need of running ads for their business as it allows you to choose the right targeting with perfect keywords based on specific location and allows you to customise things based on device type and so much more. 

You can run text-based ads, Image ads for product listings or even video ads on Youtube!


An innovative tool for all things Search Engine Optimization. Quite literally as their homepage says, this tool has everything you need to rank higher and get found online. 

The tool also comes with free courses to learn SEO at large and helps you to maximise your Website’s potential by allowing you to learn a lot about customer insights, competition and the industry overall. 


While the Domain of Social media itself is like a kingdom of its own kind that needs special attention, Hootsuite is one of the platforms out there that allows you to run Business Social media pages effortlessly. 

Hootsuite simplifies collaborating and interacting with your customers over social media. You can schedule, post, track and even manage conversations with your people.

More than building connections, Hootsuite allows you to really tap into your customer’s mindset about your Page and helps you to do more of what’s working. 


A powerful Email Marketing tool that helps you to stay on top of one of the best digital marketing strategies. Mailchimp has this inbuilt Campaign design system that allows you to effortlessly design and deliver an entire campaign without knowing a single line of code or design experience. 

It also allows users to build custom templates, save bulk email lists, simplify A/B Campaign testing and allows you to track & optimise to make it all work well for your business. 


So, it’s exciting to build landing pages for your new products or perhaps for your newly launched services, but there’s no quite concrete way to know if it’s working or not. 

Unbounce is an online platform that allows you to track and test Landing pages for better optimisation and increase your conversion rates. It gives you powerful analytics of jump-off rates, and ratings for the CTA’s and can also do A/B testing smoothly to run your landing pages. 


So if your Business needs to be in that Top 1%, the only way to do it is by actually investing in crafting original, high-quality content. But that’s not over, Content marketing is a more vast and complicated process that requires a lot of effort. 

Buzzsumo is a content marketing platform that helps you to Discover Content in your niche; build, and brainstorm more content ideas in the right formats. You can also find influencers and keep a track of your influencer marketing efforts, automate the workflow of all things content with ease. 


Sadly, most of the time customers could leave your site without giving full information that’s needed for your business. This is a proven fact and more relevant for B2B domains. 

Clearbit makes this half-stacked information full and allows you to keep everything up-to-date. From outreach to storing everything, the process is very smooth.

For Sensitive B2B businesses, this saves a ton of effort because they’re constantly in need of fresh and updated information. 

Hubspot CRM

For everything Customer and sales-related Hubspot’s Customer Relationship Management software gives you the power to manage complex and technical things in a simplified, accessible format. 

Generally, CRM software allows you to

  • Stack up all your Customer related information in the cloud as databases. The communication across your organisation gets more simplified and streamlined. 
  • A track of interactions with your customers
  • Track your productivity and progress effortlessly in the Sales pipeline. 


There’s a high chance that your business needs high-quality graphics for your marketing campaigns, even if you’d invested in some decent photoshoots, but could not afford to hire someone to do it for you. 

Canva comes in handy for people who need really good graphics without having prior experience in graphic design or visual design. The platform has millions of editable templates and tons of flexibility over colours, fonts and stock images that can help you get that fantastic graphics for all your marketing efforts. 

Parting Shot

So, now you’ve got some really cool and handy tools to start something, at the very least. Well then, it’s time for you to get out to experiment with these tools based on your immediacy. But do remember, these tools do not require any prior training and experience (some might have some technical stuff which requires a bit of browsing), so you can right away put them to use for your next big marketing campaign!

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