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6 Effective Email Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Undoubtedly, Email Marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital communication strategy to grow your business – but that doesn’t make it the least effective. In fact, it has continued to prove its worth over the years – it is estimated that for every dollar spent on email marketing $56 dollars of revenue is generated. Now, consider this, about 293 billion emails are sent every day and not every one of them is opened. If you want to stand out and make your customer open it and support the growth of your business you’d want actionable strategies. First, let’s take a look at what email marketing is and how you should go about it if you want to get the best out of your digital marketing efforts.

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Email Marketing in Simple Terms

It is a direct approach in digital marketing to send personalised mails to target your email subscribers to inform, educate and engage with them about your products/ services. 

Email marketing is highly effective to turn your subscribers into customers who are willing to pay and even crazy fans. And the reason for this, you may ask – email marketing is very direct and simple.

Why is it Important?

As said above there are a lot of reasons why you should consider investing in email marketing. There are, of course, a lot of more personal ways to do marketing – with social media on the rise. Yet, email marketing remains one of the best ways to nurture your leads to customers.

High-converting – Email marketing has an ROI rate of 4400%. The average order value from an email is just three times more than an order from a social media post. 

Top Communication channel – People check their emails at least once every day, in fact, 99% of subscribers and customers check their emails every day.

Have More Control – There’s so much privacy and security in email marketing. There are so many options to control too – from building and editing lists to sending out emails, tracking, and optimization which makes this a worthy digital marketing strategy. 

Personalization Matters

How many times have you opened an email that doesn’t name you or sounds too formal? Well, we all don’t open such generic template mails. Personalization of emails is more important than ever – it makes your customer click instantly with just the subject line

Customers love getting reassured and in order to do that personalise emails according to their preferences. Make and deliver content that feels personal, and use a design that’s easy and simple to navigate. Always make sure your writing voice doesn’t sound too formal but don’t take this way too much. Getting familiar with your customers matters a lot, but going overboard to sound too artificial, and overusing their names might make them roll their eyes. 

At any rate, personalization is more than just adding names and predicting your customer’s favourites – make sure to test the best that works for your customers and keep making it better.

Catchy Subject Lines

47% of customers tend to open emails purely based on captivating subject lines and 69% of your customers tend to mark mails as spam based on subject lines too! If you’re using a personalised subject line – 22% of your customers are more likely to open it. Here are some ways to make your subject lines more catchy.

  • Try and invoke curiosity – although this has to happen more organically, don’t try too hard for it. Don’t get too much complicated either, to make your subject lines more catchy
  • Add a human voice to the language you use to write your subject lines. Simply put, you have to speak the way your customers speak and more importantly choose the words they tend to use every day
  • Include numbers in your emails but don’t go too complicated for this either

Create Compelling content

Once you’ve done a great job on your subject lines, you must focus really on what matters now – the content that comes inside the emails. Some of us might think that once you’ve made the subscriber open your mails they’ve achieved what they aimed for. That’s where content comes into play and infarct many of your subscribers might be more interested in the actual content you’re providing them. It’s always a good idea to create different types of content and keep your customers in the loop. From social media posts to newsletters, blogs etc. Always keep your content scannable and mobile-friendly, remember presentation and user experience also matters a lot as much as your content. Here are a few tips to make your content more engaging.

  • Research in your niche and explore various types of content, ranging from short-form to long-form
  • Write short, engaging sentences to make them skimmable.
  • Structure your mails pretty well – this should be a joint work of your design & written piece. 
  • Make important points and make sure that a call to action stands out in your mails – this takes the load off your customer’s back.

Use Segmentation

Segmenting your subscribers to people with similar traits, and interests will actually help your strategy to be more effective. While targeting specific people with their specialised interests – this could even be a line from a movie or a specific colour, you’re more likely to turn your subscribers into paying customers. Segmentation can be done not only by their shared interests, industry etc. but there are also many ways to do segments. 

  • New Subscribers – People who opt for your content and are new to it. 
  • Preferences – These revolve around what your subscribers really want from you. Some of your subscribers sub you only for the content while others want to know only about important offer notifications.
  • Individual interests – People have different interests, some might be interested in financial newsletters while some would rather prefer to skim through your infographics. 
  • Demographics – Based on the geographical location of your subscribers – will help you do more targeted campaigns with localised content.

Find Your Perfect Timing

The timing could be a major factor when it comes to your subscribers opening your emails. Of course, the goal of your campaign is to increase your click-through rates and in turn increase the sales, then it would make more sense to research and find a more suitable time to send out your emails. Time your emails, so that your customers get the best out of them, this would also depend on the niche and your industry. Research done by Sendinblue revealed the perfect timing to send out your emails based on your industry. 


Business Type

Best Day to Send Emails 

Best Times to Send Emails



10:00 AM

Software & SAAS


2:30 – 3:00 PM

Marketing Services


4:00 PM

Offline Retail/ Hospitality


8:00 – 10:00 AM

Professional Services/ B2B


8:00 – 10:00 AM


Tuesday/ Wednesday

3:00 – 4:00 PM

*Source – Sendinblue Research

Re-engage with Your inactive Subscribers

Sometimes, in the long run, many of your – once active subscribers – become inactive. While this may not be necessarily bad, there are many ways to try and re-engage with your old subscribers

There are many good reasons to do this, for one, since your existing subscriber who’s just lost track of your emails or just simply lost their interest already had an interest for a decent amount of time interacting with your content and emails, it’s easier and faster to pull them in again than to target a new segment of subscribers. 

You can retarget them in many ways and always keep in mind that they’re already aware of your business and the content you offer

Parting Shot

From composing the best emails to sending them out there’s so much to do when it comes to email marketing campaigns. The most powerful way to make use of the above strategies for the best is to continuously test them on the go. This would help you to correct errors, check for bounce rates, optimise areas that don’t work and get the most returns on your investment. 

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